Apparel with meaning.

What we choose to wear affects how we feel. Going for a workout in the gym, attending a yoga or pilates class, going for a walk in nature, these are all huge steps that contribute our self-worth, self-respect and self-love. There’s a range of options out there; we wanted to create something with meaning. Pieces infused with love, connection, warmth, healing, inspiration. Pieces that affect change within the body, mind and soul.
Choosing certain colours, we not only send electrochemical signals through our brain, but we trigger certain chakras. Purple is the ideal colour to mediate with as it connects you to your intuition. Blue boost productivity and concentration levels and is your partner for weight training. Certain shades affect emotions and can enhance your mood. It’s our goal to help you start your day in the right way, with the perfectly enlightening colour combination.
To heighten your experience and boost your energy, you'll receive a complimentary crystal to match your outfit. Keep this by your bedside, in your gym bag or close to your side to maintain your mindset and help restore, reassure and revitalise your wellbeing.

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