NRJY - How It All Began Pt I

Moving across the world away from all of my regular commitments and formalities, I needed a base, a solid foundation to help develop myself how I always envisioned.

Having a sense of spirituality had always interested me but in my hectic life I always seemed to “not have the time”. One day I make a conscious decision. One that would change my course. I embarked upon a spiritual journey. I found love in my own company and learnt just how much power my mind has over my life course.

With the simplest shift of attention and focus I could find myself in a whole different light and meaning. ‘If it wont matter in 5 years don’t let it matter for more than 5 minutes,’ automatically became my new favorite quote. Gabrielle Bernstein became one of my spiritual influences and ‘self-help’/spirituality books became my new best friend. It didn’t mean I no longer believed in God and all the practices I was brought up around; it just meant I had also found another faith in a higher power and myself.

Studying fashion, I knew I would always be making clothes.  My passion is design. I love to dress and style people knowing their day could be entirely changed by something I have the capacity to create. Additionally, I wanted to help guide and influence people into a mindset, and ultimately, a better life.


I had always been so caught up in improving myself physically I forgot about how much attention and nurturing we need mentally in order to live a balanced and fulfilling life. It was at this point I decided to work towards combining my new-found spirituality, my love of physical fitness and a focus on a healthy mentality all together, I just didn’t know how at this point!

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