The Crystal Basics

Is this your first experience with crystals?
Have you been mesmerised by the beautiful colours and textures?
Whether you're new and just learning about crystals, or are a seasoned pro, you'll often have many questions. This is completely reasonable, because you want to get everything you can from these special gems and the only way you can is if you know their power to the full extent. Here are a few of the most common questions I get asked about healing crystals. If you have any additional queries feel free to send us an email and we would be happy to help. 

How do I know what crystal to choose?

This is a little like Harry Potter picking his first wand… ‘the wand chooses you’. If you're browsing through crystals and are constantly drawn to one specific stone, this crystal is choosing you, whether you like the look, colour or style of the stone, it has chosen you. Your favourite colour might be purple so you really want to love the Amethyst stone, however, it’s the blue Amazonite that is keeping you curious. So, perhaps it is the healing powers of Amazonite that you need in your life right now.

The perfect crystal for you at any time is generally the first one that catches your eye, or leaves you feeling whole.

What do I do once I get my healing crystal? 

We cleanse each and every item that leaves us, so once you receive it, it is ready to serve you. Of course, if you wish you may cleanse it again. We cleanse our stones before they leave is for you, because stones absorb the energy and auras of every person who comes into contact with them - and no one needs second-hand energy from people they don't know!  Wondering how to cleanse your crystal? Head to our Care page and find all the information there.

How do I connect with my crystal? 

Hold your crystal close, depending on the type of stone it is, they each recharge different Chakras. Hold it close to the Chakra it serves (for example, your Crown Chakra is Your forehead).

Otherwise, you can simply hold your crystal in your hands, sit quietly and breathe, just be in the moment. Visualise how you want this stone to serve you, e.g. make you more confident, provide unconditional love…
You are now connecting to your inner self, becoming one with your crystal, grounding you to the energy of the Earth.

Where do I keep my healing crystal?

Where you feel it best serves you, if you need it most during work then leave it on your desk in plain sight. If you need it everyday by your side, keeping a bag of them in your pocket or in your handbag. Trust yourself and your crystal, you already know where it should go and there is never a wrong answer.

How do I know if my crystal is working?

Simply by thinking this thought you are already putting out expectations of this stone, whether it is the experience it will give you, the ray of light you expect to be in your footsteps. We all know living without expectations is the most fulfilling life, so just be in the moment, live in that moment with your crystal, as it is. Some crystals effect is inevitably noticeable, you instantly feel a weight lifted off you, your visualisations are harmonious. However, some are silent servers, they may be protecting you from something you didn’t even know was coming, they could be boosting your confidence but you would never know because you're too confident to think otherwise. Or sometimes our crystals just need their own queue to shine their light over you.

Remember to work with your crystal, simply by holding it, sitting in silence and keeping it close, you are working with it. If its on a piece of jewellery or in your pouch, grab it when you feel your needing it most, give it a rub and ask for it to serve you. It will all fall into place when you allow it to, when you learn to let go and let it be. You deserve the love of the Earth, you deserve to treat yourself with respect.

Trust yourself, heal yourself.

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