NRJY Apparel pieces crafted by crystal energy, carefully selected to motivate your mind, enliven your nervous system and heighten your focus.
Activewear that helps you move, keeps you secure, enhances your mood and  balances your workout.
Apparel designed to hide what's underneath, so you can downward dog knowing your Wonder Women undies are your little secret. ('Cos we know the those choices affect our mood just as much as what's on the outer!). We've trialled and tested even the lightest colours to ensure each lasts its life and remains opaque.
A limited, ever-evolving range means once it's gone, it's gone for good. So if something calls you, listen. 
The extra bonus? An optional matching crystal jewelry sent with every piece purchased, to further heighten your mind-body experience.
Our current collection is inspired by:
Rose Quartz - Universal and unconditional love. Opens the heart chakra.
Rhodonite -  Worthiness, Strength. Keeps you centred
Green Fluorite - Detoxifying, energising. Protects, stabIlises, increases intuition.
Amazonite - Balances feminine and masculine energy, relaxes the nervous system.
Amethyst  - Promotes serenity, hormone balance, weight loss, detoxification.
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