What we wear conditions how we feel. Colours, fabrics, even types of clothing can enlighten our mood, enhance our confidence and change the way we see ourselves.

NRJY Apparel clothing was born from a need to feel centred, grounded and motivated in our practise - whether yoga, a walk in nature, or while at the gym. We found that while there was a lot of choice when it came to exercise apparel, the core offering focused on activity, rather than the feeling we get when we work on ourselves. 

Our physical, mental and soul bodies are always talking to one another, so it makes sense to strengthen these connections - particularly when working out! We have the power to control our mindsets, yet we've been so distracted by 'life', we've forgotten how to nurture our own. 

The unique and high-quality pieces crafted within our range are inspired by crystals. Crystals have the power to transform, to heal, to stimulate our nervous system. Each piece we create comes with your very own crystal, which you can bring to your yoga mat, place it on the treadmill or even keep it by your bedside as a constant reminder to connect to self. 

We hope you love our range as much as we enjoy creating it.