Aquamarine Natural Stone

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Tranquility + Soothing + Balance

Born in Mexico, connecting you to the Throat and Third-eye Chakra, this stone is a natural tranquilizer. Capturing the vibrant healing powers of Earth and the soothing spirit of the ocean, relieving you of stress and quietening the mind.

If your drawn to the icy blue Aquamarine, your in need of a Vitamin 'Sea" dose and healing properties of water. Open up your Clairvoyant abilities and enhance clear, constructive communication from its power to cleanse and energize the throat and heart chakras. Wear it on your skin as a necklace or bracelet and immediately feel the calming effects of its water-infused vibes. Aid meditation by placing the stone on the breastbone or the throat to encourage positive interactions with others. It works by helping you discover your true self, which leads to an enhanced sense of courage, self-love and confidence.