Cobalt Angel Crystal Quartz Cluster

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Prosperity + Cleansing + Spiritual guidance

Born in USA and China, energizing the Throat and Third-eye chakra, Angel quartz comes in many variations, this one having undergone a special treatment process whereby the surface of the Quartz has been bonded with vapourized iron, titanium and trace metals to bring forward the beautiful Cobalt blue colour. Holding a smooth and peaceful energy that helps to release any negativity and bring forward a more positive outlook on life. This quartz also helps to connect you to your spirit guides- associated with angels, it will promote a pleasant feeling and more lasting sense of happiness. It can also work as a mood stabilizer and help with eliminating toxins from the body. You can place this under your pillow for lucid dreaming, or to ensure you are protected by your guardian angel. Another is through meditation opening yourself up to receive spiritial guidance and connecting you to your higher self.