Natural Apophylite & Selenite & Gyrolite

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Cleansing + Clearing + Awakening

A combination of 3 natural Crystals this special piece has so much to offer apart from its beautiful aura. Apophyllite born in India, Selenite born in Mexico and Gyrolite born Worldwide, energising your Third eye and Crown Chakra. Naturally formulated together is this powerful cleansing stone, promoting harmony and balance between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms. Keep around your house to clear unwanted energies and purify your space, balance disruptive electrical discharge from household items or keep in the bedroom to calm restless sleepers. Gyrolite and Selenite is used to cleanse or activate the properties of other minerals, so when combined in your collection this piece will power up your stones, also a vital piece to include in your moonlight ritual for some high-vibe manifesting.