Rhodochrosite Crystal Heart

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Worthiness + Love + Compassion

Born in Argentina, charging the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras, let this crystal bring you the most healing medicine of all - unconditional love. Along with the powerful frequency that allows your mind to expand to a high consciousness, combining feelings of love with action. Attracting love by opening your Heart Chakra and connecting you to your playful inner child, feel your spirit dissolve old wounds and removing energy blocks keeping you from happiness. It is the quintessential gemstone of love and compassion. Ideal for those times when you want to channel your spiritual awareness to expand your consciousness. It enhances spirituality to help you reach a higher consciousness. The red-pink crystals provide a strong connection to the Divine Feminine. They encourage a more compassionate and tolerant state of mind as well as a sense of inner peace and love. Wear as jewellery or keep on you to always be open to loves infinite possibilities.