Pink Aragonite mineral stone

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Worthiness + Love + Prosperity

Born in Spain, resonating with the Root Chakra, allow this stone to increase energy, boost self-confidence and self-worth. This Earth stone will give you an unclouded view of reality, clear bloackages in your heart, mind and spirit. Provides ease of centering especially in times of stress or anger creating a balance especially in the emotional energy bodies. It may facilitate unlocking memories in both past lives as well as present life, which are often the keys to exploring your soul once these memories have surfaced and you have released them. Aragonite is grounding, centering and can also reach astral planes. A great stone for emotional healing and self healing. Holding high heart energies, this will keep you strong, firm in your beliefs and enhance your ability to stand your ground. Keep this stone on you for continued personal growth, peace and tranquility.